Chair Cover Hire

Large - Round Top


BANQUET CHAIR COVER - Fits round top chairs with wide backs 

PLAIN LINEN:   White, Black       $6.51*

Chair height            86cm

Back width              49cm

Seat length             39cm 


CARMEL CHAIR COVER - Fits round top chairs with very wide backs

POLYESTER LINEN: White, Black   $6.51*

Chair height             88cm

Back width               49cm

Seat length              41cm 


DELUXE CHAIR COVER - Fits round top chairs with narrow backs

POLYESTER LINEN: White, Black  $6.51*

Chair height            85cm

Back width              41cm

Seat length             43cm 


*Special combo deal - 50% off any sash or band ordered with chaircovers

Please contact us for guidance and best options for your wedding or event

New pricing effective Friday 1st April 2022

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