Care of Products

To avoid unnecessary additional charges as per our terms and conditions please ensure the following instructions are adhered to:

  • Do not allow candle wax to drip onto product, especially coloured or bee’s wax candles. Wet crepe paper and heat from lights can also damage the product.
  • Use linen for its intended purposes only, i.e. not for cleaning or floor covering etc. Dirt, mud, grease and grass stains are not considered “intended purposes” and will incur additional charges or replacement.

  • Do not allow lycra products to contact rough surfaces like unpolished concrete, tennis court asphalt or grass flooring.

  • Do not use staples on the product if pins or tape are needed please remove before returning.
  • Do not modify the product in any way, any damage to product whether willful or accidental may deem the product as no longer suitable for hire therefore full replacement cost may apply at our discretion.
  • Do not remove velcro from skirting clips or boards, if there is no lip on the table edge plastic clips should be ordered. Otherwise use velcro dots or pins to secure skirt.

  • Make sure all linen is shaken free of any loose food and decorations before returning product. These can cause damage to the product in transit.

  • Do not attempt to launder product yourself. If damp; either allow the linen to air dry before repacking or contact us and return immediately if instructed. Dampness can cause mildew which may be charged as damage to the product.     

  • In the unfortunate event of vomit contacting the product, rinse and place wet in a separate secure bag. Contact us immediately, additional charges or replacement cost will apply. 

  • Make sure that you check and count all products as you pack your returning order. Immediately contact us if any product is damaged or missing.